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2020 Sotogrande’s Buyer Trends – So far!

As 2019 was coming to a close, Stephanie and I were very optimistic about 2020. We had had a relatively good year, with good growth over 2018, and 2020 was looking like the same trend would continue....

Selling your property in Sotogrande?

Selling you home at some point is inevitable as everything has a cycle... I have listed some of the most important documentation you should have at hand when selling your Sotogrande property...

All about the last weekend of August in Sotogrande!

August is the most intense month in Spain. This year, despite COVID, we were able to enjoy Sotogrande as always with all the security measures that allowed us to provide a fantastic and fun experience. Sotogrande always meets expectations!

What should not be missing in your purchase process of a Sotogrande home?

For most people buying a property is something you do on very few occasions during a lifetime. Rarer still would be buying a property in a foreign country. Understanding the process of the country you are buying in is therefore very important, and engaging a reputable lawyer to provide advice, is something I would strongly recommend to any would be applicant.

Sotogrande during COVID-19

In the turbulent times in which we live, Sotogrande has been a refuge for many families who have found here a place to rest and forget about the past and current situation. Sotogrande has adopted all the necessary measures to allow a healthy and calm coexistence...