Charles Gubbins

Q1 2023 – Sotogrande Real Estate Market

Reflecting on the current trends in the real estate market in Sotogrande I can only conclude that we are in a good place... but what’s going on so far this year in the Sotogrande Real Estate market?

Inflation and Real Estate Prices in Spain

Although inflation is mostly caused by an oversupply of money into the marketplace, the current global inflation trend has in my opinion been caused two acute events, the war in Ukraine, and Covid. But how does inflation affect the real estate market in Sotogrande?

Top 5 Home Staging Mistakes

You are getting prepared to sell your home, and you have found a top estate agent such as Noll Sotogrande to assist. What next? Well to get the property listed and looking its best you will need professional photos. But remember, a photographer is only as good as it’s subject.

How to sell your Sotogrande home

When selling your property in Sotogrande you will be asking yourself what steps you need to take, and who can help. In this blog I share 4 key factors that can answer your question on how to sell your home..