Spanish Law

Gibraltar’s new tunnel opening on 31st march!

Finally, after 14 years the tunnel access from the frontier between Spain and Gibraltar to the town will open. Only pedestrians, cyclists, scooter/e-scooter riders, and mobility scooter users will be allowed to cross the runway...

Funeral Process in Spain for Expats

There is nothing more certain in life than death and taxes. I have written about taxes on several occasions, but this piece is about the other certainty… passing. Speaking about death is never an easy subject, but especially if you are living away from your country of origin. It is important that you are prepared […]

What is a First Occupation License?

A First Occupancy License (also known as a Certificate of Habitability), is a license issued by the City Council and granted once the construction works have been completed, which allows the buyer to legally inhabit the property.

Evicting a nonpaying tenant in Spain

Having to evict a tenant is a painful thing to have to do. Painful for the landlord as he may be missing out on income necessary to pay a mortgage, or worse still it may be the landlords only source of income....

Relocating with your pet to Sotogrande

Pet relocation to Sotogrande. Pets are considered part of the family, and in some cases the most important member. On this blog post we detail some considerations to have everything in order when moving or visiting Sotogrande!

What is the ITV in Spain?

The ITV (Inspección Técnica de Vehículos) is the Technical Inspection of Vehicles in Spain, and its objective is to guarantee that the vehicles that circulate on public roads have the required safety conditions...