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BREXPATS IN SPAIN: What Brexit will mean?

What Brexit will mean for businesses and individuals in the EU? Leon Fernando Del Canto analyzes the situation particularly for the large number of British citizens living and working in Spain. Article published by the Bloomberg Tax website.

We are home, Sotogrande!

Many of our clients have their children in the Sotogrande International School.  I had the honor this year to be invited to join the “Mother’s cookie group!". By Stephanie Noll

How Golf benefits the Sotogrande Property Market

The golf sector has been a major influence on the Sotogrande property market. This is especially so with the “top end golfer”, who seeks premium golf courses and services both as a member of a golf course or as a visitor.

Value vs Marketability – Stand apart from the Sotogrande crowd!

A very important aspect of the real estate business is the valuation of the property. Valuing property in Sotogrande is no different. If done correctly it will yield results, for both vendors and buyers in terms of a sale. Another, also a very important aspect is the properties marketability. What’s the difference? 

Kindness, a story about the Sotogrande community.

Often I am asked by our clients, how is it to live here in Sotogrande, in a community, or is everyone by himself..? I can tell you a story, as it once happened to me, when it really depends on community or neighborly help. By Stephanie Noll.

Building your own home in Sotogrande

There are times in a real estate price cycle when it is better to buy a resale property, and on occasions, advantageous to buy new off a developer. On this blog post we share an article Charles Gubbins wrote for El Periódico de Sotogrande about building your own home in Sotogrande, Spain.