Noll Sotogrande Real Estate supports Banco de Alimentos Charity

20,000 people go hungry every day in Campo de Gibraltar. 

Therefore, Noll Sotogrande has set up a gofundme-charity account with the objective of rasing funds to assist Banco de Alimentos in our local area.



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Charlie Gubbins and I , Stephanie Noll  are fortunate enough to live in Sotogrande. We are also individuals who have travelled the world and experienced life in what people would call third world countries. We have witnessed first-hand in Africa and Latin America less fortunate families, who cannot feed themselves or their children.

We were surprised to learn that in the Campo de Gibraltar, our local extended community, there are around 20,000 people, who cannot feed themselves regularly.

For this reason I looked around to find a charitable Organisation and found José Serrano Marquez, President of Banco de Alimentos Campo de Gibraltar, a retired over 80 year old man, incredibly dedicated to helping the less fortunate. 

Click here which will link you to gofundme, where you can make your donation.

José Serrano is as a Volunteer who dedicates most of his time to this Charity organisation, which originated in the USA in the 60’s and then spread over Europe and eventually Spain, where it is organised in each Province. In our province Cadiz there are two associate’s of Banco de Alimentos, which are Banco de Alimento de Cadiz and Banco de Alimentos de Campo de Gibraltar ( BACG)

Banco de Alimentos de Campo de Gibraltar, created 25 years ago, is a non-profitable organisation without any political or union links, where all activities are carried out through volunteers, with the sole exception of an administrative hired person, working four hours a day. The EU also supports BACG contributing with food packages.

Campo de Gibraltar is an area with a population  of approx. 265,000 inhabitants, all the way from Tarifa, Algeciras, San Roque, La Linea, Guadiaro, San Enrique up to San Pablo de Buceite)

During 2020 BACG has provided food aid to a total of 85 associations in the region, distributed among the 8 municipalities. Among them are soup kitchens, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, care centres for the marginalised, Caritas and assistance centres for the needy.

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Indirectly, in 2020 BACG has served 22,035 people, and has exceeded the 1.800.000.- kilos of food distributed throughout the year, representing an increase of 28.5% compared to 2019.

Making a donation, important details:

All money raised (except for a fee of 2,9% of each donation, which is the fee to pay to gofundme) will directly go to into the bank account of BACG, with José Serrano as the administrator of the bank account. 

Gofundme has an automatic TIP button

If you do not wish to tip gofundme, please follow the instructions or watch the video below:

  1. Enter the amount you would like to donate to the fundraiser under “Enter your donation”
    Select the down arrow in the tip box, then select a designated amount or ‘Other’, to enter the amount of your choice.
  2. Enter the amount you would like to tip in the ‘Amount’ box that pops up. If you’d like to avoid leaving an optional tip, simply select ‘Other’ and enter ‘0’ (zero) as the amount.
  3. Check the total, highlighted in the top right corner, which will then reflect the amount you’ve entered.

Here’s a video showing how to cancel the DEFAULT TIP:



Thank you for supporting Sotogrande’s neighbours!

We are privileged with our homes in Sotogrande, and we wish to help our neighbours. If you would like to join us, we would be very grateful if you contribute with a donation. Every little helps, it could be as a monthly donation or as a one off contribution.

The photo above shows the Volunteers working in the administration of BACG, with José Serrano as the President (man the right on the first picture above).

This is a chance to help over 20,000 people in our neighbourhood, who are in dire need of help, including children of drug addicts, or families with no income who have lost their jobs due to Covid. Each of the 20,000 or more people have their own sad story to tell.

Your donation could make a difference for many of these families.

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For any questions you may contact me directly.

Stephanie Noll
?+34 607 465 383

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by Marketing Dpt. - Noll Sotogrande | April 2021