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Graduated student of SIS – Sotogrande International School of 2023 

Greetings, everyone! My name is Teresa Pino Torres, I talk today as a student at Sotogrande International School SIS from the tender age of nine. However, now I conclude my time at this remarkable institution at the age of 17, I am filled with gratitude towards my parents for granting me this invaluable educational experience. And I feel compelled to extend an invitation to all of you as I share my story. And what better way to communicate it than through the welcoming Noll Sotogrande Real Estate Team, who have generously provided me with numerous work experiences and embraced me with open arms. So, without further ado, let me take you on an IB experience full of selfgrowth and inspiration.


In a world where young dreams often gravitate towards glamour and fantasy, I possessed a different kind of clarity from a tender age. The world of healthcare beckoned to me with an undeniable sense of purpose. Picture a small six-year-old girl confidently declaring, “I want to become a surgeon,” surpassing the conventional aspirations of supermodels or dancers. It’s not to belittle those admirable professions, but rather to highlight the rarity of a young girl envisioning herself in such a significant role. So, when people inquire about the length of my commitment to this path, I can’t help but smile, thinking to myself, “If only you had known me at six, you’d understand the unwavering determination that has fueled my pursuit ever since.”

Pursuing this goal eventually led me to choose challenging high-level subjects such as chemistry and biology in school. Inspired by a platform called Unifrog, introduced to us at the age of 14-15, where we begin exploring universities and career paths for our future. However, it was when I reached the IB (International Baccalaureate) program that things became more serious, considering the specific subject requirements and high demand for medical studies.

Overcoming Hurdles: Trials and Disappointments

Initially, I aspired to attend a private Spanish university ‘University of Navarra’, as well as explore options in the Netherlands. For the Spanish university, I visited and familiarized myself with the admission requirements in April of my first year of the Diploma Program (D1), as the crucial grades for private Spanish universities are the final ones achieved during that year. However, despite putting in significant effort, my plans did not materialize as expected. Another option was taking an admission exam, but it included physics, a subject not offered at my school due to my subject selection. In an attempt to compensate for this, I sought the help of a private tutor to study physics on my own. Unfortunately, the workload became overwhelming, especially since I had to keep up with my regular school assignments, ultimately leading me to give up on that path.

Similar challenges arose with my plans to study in the Netherlands. I received conditional admission, which required passing a physics exam. I wish I had known about these requirements earlier, as I would have prepared for them from the beginning. I am the type of student who likes to plan ahead and be well-prepared, so I know I could have performed better. Nevertheless, circumstances prevented me from meeting these requirements, and I had to reconsider my options once again. About many other universities such as in (Ireland, Prague, Malta, and Greece)  

Tip 1º if You’re about to embark on your Diploma Program journey (D1). It’s crucial to not only have a clear idea of what you want to study and where, but also to dig deep into the university requirements. Trust me, it’s like having a compass guiding your subject selection for the next two thrilling years! 

My position today 

Now IB has ended and I had to make a decision. So speaking of thrilling adventures, I just came back from Athens. I hopped on a plane, brimming with excitement, because I had a date with destiny at the American College of Greece (ACG). Can you believe it? I’m the first in the school going to this university, It’s the first American university in all of Europe, And guess what? ACG doesn’t just offer an incredible undergraduate experience. Oh no, my friends, it’s a ticket to a world of possibilities. Once you’ve conquered your studies at ACG, you can spread your wings and pursue your master’s degree anywhere on this magnificent planet. Yep, you heard that right! Prestigious universities around the globe will welcome you with open arms, all thanks to the reputation and connections of ACG.

Now listen, I know these next two years might seem like a steep climb, with challenges and obstacles waiting to test our mettle. But hey, where there’s a will, there’s always a way! And with the possibilities that lie beyond, the journey becomes even more thrilling. So, now you know my story, I’ve been lost along these two years, but now I’m looking forward to my four year adventure in ATHENS !

Teresa Pino and Jak Kearney - Sotogrande International School by Noll Sotogrande Real Estate

Teresa Pino and Jak Kearney – Sotogrande International School by Noll Sotogrande Real Estate

Other programs of interest offered by SIS – Sotogrande International School

Courses: Furthermore, A-levels provide students with the opportunity to pursue a similar curriculum to the IB program, albeit without the requirement of selecting specific subjects and a minimum of three higher-level courses. This alleviates some of the stress for students. Although the university admission standards may not align precisely with those of the IB, with careful consideration of the target university, it is possible to make it work.

A-Level program: In hindsight, given my unwavering certainty about pursuing a career in healthcare, I would have chosen A-levels if I had been interested in studying business. A-levels offer a program that not only values sports and recognizes their role in shaping one’s profile but also accommodates the chosen sports, such as golf, tennis, or basketball, utilizing the excellent sports facilities available here in Sotogrande. The subjects covered in A-levels, namely English, Mathematics, Economics, and Business, are perfectly suited for those envisioning a future in the corporate world. The access to universities through this program is also highly advantageous.


Thank you for reading, Teresa Pino. 


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