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Global warming and Sotogrande

Europe is warming faster than the global average.

According to European Environment Agency, “the average annual temperature over Europe’s land areas over the last decade has been 2.04 to 2.10 °C warmer than during the pre-industrial period. The year 2020 was the warmest year in Europe since records began according to all datasets used, with a deviation of 2.53 °C to 2.71 °C above pre-industrial levels. Particularly strong warming was observed in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the eastern part of the Iberian Peninsula.

Projections by the CMIP6 Initiative indicate that temperatures over the land areas of Europe will continue to rise at a higher rate than the global average over the course of this century. Temperatures over mainland Europe are projected to continue to increase by 1.2 to 3.4 °C under the SSP1-2.6 scenario and by 4.1 to 8.5 °C under the SSP5-8.5 scenario (for the period 2071-2100 compared to 1981-2010). The highest warming is projected for north-eastern Europe, northern Scandinavia and the inland regions of the Mediterranean countries, while the least warming is projected in western Europe, particularly the UK, Ireland, western France, the Benelux countries and Denmark.”

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Sotogrande, a refuge from the temperature shock

In summary, this is possibly a kind of good news for Sotogrande, as we are in the westernmost part of Europe and therefore perhaps less affected by climate change than other parts of Europe. We are also just around the corner from the Atlantic Ocean and the Strait of Gibraltar, where the sea reaches depths of up to 1000 metres. As a result, the water temperature stays around 15 degrees Celsius on average, only in August it can go up to 20 °C.

So if you want to jump into the sea in hot summer temperatures in Sotogrande, be prepared for a temperature shock. The good news is that the sea water in Sotogrande will cool you down no matter how strong the sun shines, compared to swimming pools where even the biggest sun worshippers won’t feel any refreshment in the water.

Sotogrande remains the best place for us Europeans to live, do you agree?

Let’s enjoy what we have!


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