Boating in Sotogrande

The Sotogrande Marina is in keeping with the luxury feel of the surrounding Sotogrande area. This is a first-class marina with all the amenities you might expect. In additions showers and sauna facilities for those mooring at the port, there is a gymnasium, a marine supply store and a heliport.

Inquire at the port to find out more about the impressive sailing club and also to charter a sailboat, yacht or other vessel. Jet ski rental services are also available as this popular sport is taking over the area.

The atmosphere at the Sotogrande port is laid back and down to earth with the nearby shore tastefully lined with exclusive condominiums and a whole range of restaurants, bars and shops to browse through. On weekends this small commercial area is bustling with visitors who come to enjoy the restaurants or simply have a drink and visit shops and outdoor markets.
The Sotogrande Port offers a wide variety of sailing and motorboat facilities to the boating enthusiast and has its very own established RYA sailing school and training center with a qualified team of instructors.

Whether you are interested in catamarans, sailing yachts, motor cruisers or sport fishing, the Sotogrande Port offers something for everyone and also offers the charter and hire of sailing and motor cruisers. Sotogrande has a wide range of water sports activities ranging from kayaking to windsurfing. Sotogrande beach offers windsurfing, kite surfing, canoeing, and hobby cats for hire on the river.

The generosity of the winds that blow in the area is undoubtedly the outstanding feature of Sotogrande for Regatta Competitors. The east and west winds prevail in an open space where lovers of water sports have to show their skill in handling ships, as the strength of the gusts of wind are usually very variable.

At the Sotogrande port, created in 1987, when its 70-year lease from the local government began, spectacular sailing ships and yachts give an image of Sotogrande that is internationally renowned. The calm of the Mediterranean Sea and a horizon providing a glimpse of Africa make this enclave a place of matchless beauty, which local businesspeople have understood. Today there are around 1,300 berths in the Sotogrande Marina.

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