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What is a Nota Simple?

A NOTA SIMPLE is a Spanish informative document. It is a succinct extract of the content of the current entries of a property at the registry. 

What is Cadastral Reference?

What you need to know about the Cadastral Reference if you have a property or if you are thinking of buying one in Sotogrande, Marbella or any other place in Costa del Sol... Learn more!

Cycling in Sotogrande

Many of us never before considered Cycling as a popular, social and fun sport in Sotogrande. Polo, golf, sailing, and water sports were usually the top sports searched by residents and visitors, but not the only sporting activities you can safely enjoy in Sotogrande. Today, in the Sotogrande area you see many people cycling…

So, the problem must be travel!!!

So, Spanish property sales have crashed in 2020 according to Spanish property Insight. …. down 24,7% compared to the previous year… but A Place in the Sun is saying that 30% more people are motivated to buy and many more are spending time researching the possible purchase of a holiday home

Increase interest for Sotogrande building Plots!

Buying a second home in Sotogrande, or indeed your first home, is a very exciting prospect. However, after weeks or looking online and maybe even viewing some properties, frustratingly, that ideal dwelling may still be elusive. If you seek a plot to build in Sotogrande, you have options...

Sotogrande Costa… regenerating itself

Individuals will prefer one area of Sotogrande, or the other depending on personal preference. However, after a while, most, will aspire to be located on the Costa side. The area known as the Kings and Queens remains the most desirable location to reside...