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Top 5 Home Staging Mistakes

You are getting prepared to sell your home, and you have found a top estate agent such as Noll Sotogrande to assist. What next? Well to get the property listed and looking its best you will need professional photos. But remember, a photographer is only as good as it’s subject.

How to sell your Sotogrande home

When selling your property in Sotogrande you will be asking yourself what steps you need to take, and who can help. In this blog I share 4 key factors that can answer your question on how to sell your home..

Funeral Process in Spain for Expats

There is nothing more certain in life than death and taxes. I have written about taxes on several occasions, but this piece is about the other certainty… passing. Speaking about death is never an easy subject, but especially if you are living away from your country of origin. It is important that you are prepared […]

Living with your pet in Sotogrande

Pet owners can often find it hard to find a place to live in Sotogrande as many landlords do not allow animals in their properties. We understand what an important part pets can play in people’s lives, so here are a few self-explanatory insights for tenants.