Sotogrande Real Estate Market

Tour of a Home with Eagle’s View over Sotogrande

It’s Spring in Sotogrande, we are in the neighborhood of the SO/Sotogrande Hotel...I am Stephanie Noll and I would like to show you today this outstanding home with Panoramic views over Sotogrande with a short Property Tour. Let’s have a closer look at this, shall we?

How to sell your Sotogrande home

When selling your property in Sotogrande you will be asking yourself what steps you need to take, and who can help. In this blog I share 4 key factors that can answer your question on how to sell your home..

Evicting a nonpaying tenant in Spain

Having to evict a tenant is a painful thing to have to do. Painful for the landlord as he may be missing out on income necessary to pay a mortgage, or worse still it may be the landlords only source of income....

Sotogrande property renovations – Your Rate of Return

We have all at some point looked at the age of our bathrooms kitchens and maybe qualities of the windows we have in our Sotogranede homes. Many of us have longed for modernizing or refurbishing these areas of the house that may seem dated both in look and feel... 

Germans are our strongest buyers so far

At the beginning of 2021, we were concerned Covid would continue to significantly dampen our hopes for a good financial year. We were very cautious. Nevertheless, we have been happily surprised at the buoyancy in the market and the apparently dramatic change in nationalities looking to buy a second home in Sotogrande.