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Centro Náutico Sotogrande

At the Centro Náutico de Sotogrande located by the bridge crossing the Guadiaro river, you can learn to sail, windsurf, paddleboard, and kayak.

Where to get a PCR test in Sotogrande 

If you are considering visiting Sotogrande, there are several places you can contact via telephone to take a test. This website has listings in Sotogrande where you can take a PCR test.

Cycling in Sotogrande

Many of us never before considered Cycling as a popular, social and fun sport in Sotogrande. Polo, golf, sailing, and water sports were usually the top sports searched by residents and visitors, but not the only sporting activities you can safely enjoy in Sotogrande. Today, in the Sotogrande area you see many people cycling…

Could Sotogrande become a Zoom town in 2021?

It seems that life has being sucked out of the big cities. Teleworking means people do not commute to work, and consequently do not need all the services that support the vast numbers of commuters around the world...